Breathing room

Sometimes small things can end up being such a huge help.

The work program gives a bonus stipend for successfully starting a job… about a bonus two weeks if you’ve had good attendance, reduced some for each absence or discipline problem.

I’d been told this was put in after your first day of working the job… to make sure you actually are going to go through with it. Which then gets added to the pay period, and given on the next paycheck. Meaning, mine wouldn’t be until the 4th.

I’d actually been specifically told mine would be on the 4th.

Except… it showed up today… having been put in when I got the job and trusting that I would be serious and follow through.

Maybe seeming like a small difference…. but when the budget is really tight… and I was wondering how things were going to work out on paying for gas if things were timed poorly on first paychecks…
(if pays every two weeks, and doesn’t have a short time between hours going in and check coming out, could be up to 3 or 4 weeks before money in hand catches up with hours being worked)

Sometimes a little bit of trust, giving a lot more breathing room to make things work, seems like a big gift of mercy!

Not even sure which of the staff people to thank on this one… but maybe that’s best, as right now I’d be overly gushy till they’ll probably wonder what my deal is.. lol


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