Delays and weirdness

Today was supposed to be my orientation at job A.

Instead, 4 of us arrived only to be told that they’d decided to change things and do one large orientation session instead of multiple smaller ones…. so it won’t be until next week… and we should have been called.

No explanation as to why we weren’t… just a sort of “oh well” tone.

Not the best impression on how things are organized for the seasonal workers… both the abrupt change and the failure to notify… even before the tone.

Hoping this doesn’t end up being a really long feeling 2 months.

But two interesting things happened before we got to that point.

First, somehow, I had a feeling something was off. I don’t know really why, but I’d been feeling nervous about it at home… enough so to make a point to grab my paperwork in case I needed to show I was supposed to be there today… and was actually really relieved to see the other two people waiting when I walked in, feeling like at least I was in the right place at the right time… before it turned out we really weren’t.

Just sort of a weird thing… but maybe just a nervous thing.

But the second thing that threw me off a bit was as I was walking to the door, and someone asked me if “you are open yet”. (Yes, they were open…)

I’m dressed in their uniform… I’m going into the employee areas… it’s a normal question that I knew the answer to… and yet, this totally threw me for a loop for some reason.

I eventually answered “I think so…”, which probably seemed like a really bad answer to him coming from someone who he thought was an employee. Because they ARE an employee.

Hopefully this is just a needs-time-to-sink-in thing. But it’s still a bit weird.


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