The soup porch

About 1/4 mile from here, across the next major street, an area of apartments starts… technically strip housing, one story rows of 5 to 6 connected in single file lines… a run down, cheap area that’s not exactly somewhere people are glad to have nearby.

You don’t see many cars parked in the lots between the buildings, but there are often a lot of people around on foot, or hanging out around the bus stops along the main street.

Honestly, I mostly ignore the area… or grumble when random large groups of teens from the area decide to wander this direction through the middle of the street ignoring the fact that there are cars backing up behind them… which happens more frequently than you’d think it ought to.

But in the past month or so, something along the main street has caught my eye.

In front of one of the homes, in the front strip that faces the main street in that area, someone puts out a sign on most days… made of wood and bright colored poster board…

That said “Warm soup” and had an arrow pointing to the apartment. It’s now had the word free added to the top.

And when you look over to the porch, there’s a small table about 2 foot deep and 4 foot long set up and pushed against the building near the door, about where a flower bed would usually be.

And on the table is a clearly visible crockpot… and a low box that holds other items… a large box of crackers, and I’d assume the other things that you can’t see as well are probably things like bowls and spoons.

There’s two more posterboards with lots of words written on them taped above the table, but the words are too small to read from the street.

I’ve actually been a bit tempted to walk up there, just to read them and see what they say.

But it really sort of impresses me just how simple and random this little soup porch is.

I assume it’s just put out there by a resident… as a church or charity would probably get hit with all sorts of regulations on leaving food unattended. This city is known to be picky even on things like handing out meals to homeless without having things like kitchen permits and food handlers cards.

Which given the area, means they probably aren’t real stable financially themselves to be living in the area. And I can only imagine that they can’t have been thrilled to be in one of the apartments facing the main busy street.

And yet… they are doing what they can to help others worse off.

And it’s as simple to make happen as a crockpot and box of crackers on a table and a few bright posterboards.


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