Sick and respect

I’d been feeling crummy for the past few days, and worked in spite of feeling like throwing up yesterday.

But breakfast this morning went from feeling to doing, and so I ended up calling in sick this morning.

And got the supervisor who doesn’t like me, who proceeded to give me attitude about it… as if I were being unreasonable to prefer to vomit at home than to be loading a pallet.

Even though this is the first day I’ve called in, or even been late…. and as a part time worker, it’s not like they are paying me sick time or anything, so I’m taking a hit of 1/8th of my next paycheck to do so.

And so I’ve come to the observation that you can tell a lot about how much a business truly respects their workers by how they treat them when they are sick.

Yes, ideally nobody would ever be sick, and so nobody would ever have to miss. But that’s not the real world.

And yet, the places I’ve worked that have been the worst have usually been the ones who have been absolute jerks about it when you needed to miss a day.

Including the one that only allowed 3 days missed in any 90 day period before you were able to be fired if they chose to… real fun when after 0 days missed for over a year, one month of bad luck brings an ankle that couldn’t have weight put on it, a kid getting sent home with an asthma attack, and a round of pink eye…. meaning 2 months of being on the chopping block at any given whim.

And the short stint as a parking deck attendant where I was told I was fine to come into work while throwing up because there was a bathroom about 50 feet away and I could just keep locking up the booth to run to it and run back.

I know there are always going to be people who abuse the absence policies… just as there are people who abuse any policy.
But still… some basic human respect would be a nice thing. If you treat workers like they are liars and cheats when they haven’t given you any signs of being either, do you really expect them to respect you any more than you respect them?

And it says quite a bit about your concern for your customers that you could care less if your employees are exposing them to whatever virus happens to be attacking at the moment.


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