The best cheesy gift

So, for the holidays, my employer gives us a postcard…. telling us that for 2 weeks, they will give us an extra 10% off of the brands that they own.

After our regular 10% discount that works on almost everything they sell.

At first, this just seemed like a cheesy gift. An additional discount that only worked on generic stuff?

But after a couple of days, it dawned on me.

Although our store only had a limited grocery section, several of the other stores in town have a full grocery-store sized section in them.

Filled with generic food items.

Suddenly a cheesy cheap seeming gift took a whole new twist.

We aren’t real picky around here on the vast majority of items… the generic brand at most of the major stores around here is decent at worst, and in some cases we actually prefer them to the name brands.

So, basically, this was giving me 20% off of all of my groceries and basic household items that I could buy in two weeks. Starting days after one paycheck, and ending two days after another.

Without using coupons, my first round total dropped from $140 something including tax to $110.

The math is sort of weird, because the first 10% comes off, then the second 10% came of of that lower total, and then the tax got recalculated using the lowest total…. but it ended up being a $32 savings when all was said and done.

Not so cheesy after all maybe!

Maybe that doesn’t seem like much when compared to the big bonuses some places give out for Christmas. But for a seasonal retail job? That’s beyond what I would expect.

And still another round to go after I get paid in a few days.

Up till now, the only big savings I’ve had with the discount card was by helping a family member buy a video game system using it.

It’s sort of a rock and a hard place… so many things I’d love to use it on… but so few of them I can afford working here. LOL

Maybe by next year I can find a decent paying job, that has low hours so I can grab some weekends as a cashier or something to be able to get the discount card when I have the power to really do some shopping with that thing. 🙂


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