The forgiveness button

I’ve mentioned before that I try using tyndale’s yearly bible reading plan each year.

At some point in 2010, I’d started using, so that I could read online if I didn’t feel like grabbing my bible that is already set up to be used with the plan.

And I’ve kept with youversion for all of this year. Partially because of the ability to highlight and copy/paste that initially drew me to it, partially because it gives the ability to track days, and partially because it has an android app that I can read on my phone and have it sync, which is really nice for waiting in lines etc.

But… none of these are actually my favorite feature.

My favorite is a button that I’ve taken to calling the forgiveness button.

Officially it’s labelled “Catch me up”.

It’s more prominent on the phone app than it is on the website, but it works the same on both. All that it does is reset your reading plan. It looks at the last day that you did the reading, and it moves your schedule to where that reading passage becomes the passage that was assigned to yesterday.

So now, the next passage to be read happens to be the one that is listed for today.

There’s no “read 3 days worth in one day to make up for being sick”. There’s no “read what i’m supposed to for today, then go back and pick up the days where I missed, which are now totally out of context”.

No beating up or making hard at all. Just start back in.

It’s as if the lapse never happened… you move on from today, and forget the missed days were ever there.

There’s still consequences of course.. for each day that gets erased, it sets the completion date of your plan back another day.

And so, as new years rolls around… instead of being done, I’m looking at a calendar that says early April will be the end.

Is it as far as I’d like to be? No way!

It’s tempting to kick myself over basically being nearly 1/3 of the way behind… having missed almost 1/3 of the days.

But, really… that’s still 2/3 of the way that I wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t tried.

And, the days that are there are days that have been given quality, not quantity. They haven’t been rushed through because I’m trying to read a bunch at once to catch up. They haven’t been accidentally missed entirely.

And, really, they haven’t been read on days that they wouldn’t have had a fair shot of my focus and attention anyway. Because if my choice is to cram it in when I’m short on time and my mind is really distracted or to add another day into the new year, I was much more likely to just take the extra day than I would have been had it been a pain like it was when it would mean catching up in my hardcover bible that has printed dates for each section.

So even if it’s not where I want to be, it’s where I am… it’s the pace that’s working… it’s being done well instead of just done…

And in April I’ll know that it was done right. None of the passages skipped or crammed into marathons.

Very nice forgiveness button. 🙂


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