Bug birthdays

I almost wrote a post on Saturday.

It would have been my regular yearly complaining about the challenges of planning a kids birthday party, in winter when you have limited outdoor options, when you are too broke to pay the party place fees for a cool party, and have too tiny of a house to be able to pull anything off at home easily.

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon on google… trying to come up with something around here cheap but interesting. But ended up with little luck… even the YMCA charges more that $100 for having a party in their facilities, and that’s just for 10 kids.

My best idea for this year was taking about 5 or 6 girls to a build your own frozen yogurt place… but they don’t really have room for a real party there. So it would have been rather lame.

Then, out of the blue, yesterday’s groupon for our area was for a birthday party. Seriously!

The party actually wasn’t even in the subject line, it was another option that was mentioned after you’d already opened the email about “bug lady science classes” for schools, which I’m not even sure why I opened!

I’ve never seen a party listed before… and honestly, the vast majority of the time the emails they send get deleted unread, let alone read within the first few hours after they are sent.

But there it was… a normally $250, 2 hour long, for 25 kids, cake and drinks and party favor included, birthday party being sold for $80 after the credit I had from a previous deal that hadn’t worked out right.

And grandma decided that it was low enough that she was willing to buy it as her present to Boo.

It’s at a local place that does insect and animal and birds hands-on educational demonstrations for local schools and preschools… that I’d never even realized we had in town.

Miss animal lover is thrilled.

Even better, when I spoke with them on the phone to book it, the 25 person count only actually counts people eating cupcakes… parents of kids, and other relatives that won’t be doing cupcakes don’t get counted against the total.

And so she’s being allowed to invite the entire class, including the teacher, as well as the cousins.

And the family of the cousins who are always unpredictable as to whether or not there will be a sudden excuse about how it’s too far to drive, or someone else needs the car during that time, and assorted other variations? This place happens to be a mile and a half from their door.

I can’t say a bug party would have ever crossed my mind… but gotta be thrilled about a perfect sounding party “just happening” to be in my email.

Someday I’m gonna learn to stop worrying about things that seem like big issues to sort out but are really but tiny blips.


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