School questions

For some reason this seems to be the week of people asking me whats going on with whether or not I’m going back to school.

In a nutshell, I’m really not all that sure yet.

At this point, if I can find a job that pays enough and gives enough hours to make things work reasonably comfortably, and that I don’t see as likely to be ending in the next few years… I will probably just give up on the school thing at this point.

But… I expect to have the financial aid end up about the same as the projections they had given me had I gotten in this year. Namely, covering tuition itself, but not much else.

Which means, unless I can find something part time to be able to pay bills, and which will work with my school hours… it’s likely that I may not be returning if there isn’t a job on the horizon either.

Plus there’s books and a total of about $400 in deposits between the program and the university that I’d have to come up with the ability to cover.

But there’s also a second issue… childcare.

For the last year of classes, mom helped out when I needed her to on a few mornings or on days when kiddo was out of school but I wasn’t… because she was home following an injury and resulting back surgery.

However, she’s been released to go back to work… but it’s looking more and more like that’s going to require either a long term (13 week) travel assignment in Florida, or a total relocation there.

The state’s childcare subsidy program will only help you if the school or training is less than a year long, or allows you to still be available to get a job first shift.

Mine is neither. And, after the first semester, will require clinicals.. which may mean both early hours and late hours.

As much as I wish otherwise, there’s no way kiddo is responsible enough to watch herself yet… even though I do know of others her age that do. I can barely even get her to get ready for school with repeated reminders and help, let alone on her own.

So from what I’m seeing right now, it’s looking pretty bleak on the chances.. even with the certain acceptance for starting in June.

But then, things can change fast. So I’m trying to keep an optimistic hope that maybe everything will fall into place.

So, as with most of my life right now… things are really iffy.


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