Pwr+ magsafe macbook adapter cord

Just FYI…
Do not buy a “pwr +” brand magsafe macbook adapter.

Yes, the $30-40 price tag is really tempting when the real apple brand adapters run $70-90.

And when there really isn’t a lot of other options besides the refurbished or the cheap suspicious counterfeit apple ones pretending to be official but with obvious issues.

And the supposed one year warrantee listed sounds good.

And yet, this is the second one I’ve had not that has just abruptly stopped working, out of the blue, for no apparent reason.

There’s no mention of that warrantee listed on the box, no matter what the site says, and so you get to do battle with amazon, who will initially deny it because it’s outside of their 30 day return window.

I’m wishing I would have had the money at the time to just replace the official apple mag safe cord.. as actually, it would have been cheaper than I’ve spent on dealing with these two lemons.

As much as I like the magnet popping off when something pulls at the cord, I’m also rather wishing apple would get over it and just use a standard cord I can replace at any random store for $20.


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