Back when I found out that the seasonal job wasn’t going to become a long term position, I sat down and was figuring out next moves.

As far as the job program goes, I passed their milestones after being employed for 60 days. Basically, all this means is that if I went back into it, I would be essentially starting over and probably put into a different placement… not just put back into the same place that I was before. Not a bad thing exactly, just a change.

However, because my last 2 pay days fell within January, even though they included 2 weeks of work done in December, it would be enough income to make me ineligible for the program in that month.

And so the earliest I could reapply would be the start of February.

But, with how their stipend timing works, applying in February meant the start of March would be the first round that I’d be eligible… whether I applied the first week of Feb and had been in the program for a few weeks already or waited till the last week.

With having to file my taxes early anyway for student financial aid paperwork for if I go back this year, tax refund would be in mid-February anyway, so this would work out ok on making ends meet till then.

And so…

I set a deadline… of Valentines day.

I’d continue beating the bushes on my own until then, and if nothing had come up by Valentines day, I would start the paperwork to try yet another round in the work program.


Mid-January, the same position that I worked at the seasonal job opened up at a different location in town of the same chain. I applied, figuring surely I’d have a good shot on that one… but, nothing.

Two more jobs came up that seemed like I’d have a really good shot at, including one that was hiring an entire staff of 85 for starting a new location.

Nothing from either of them.

Seasonal valentines day delivery and sale staff positions… seasonal seemed to have really good luck on getting call backs for the Christmas season, maybe that would work for other seasons….


Late January, I got a call for an interview. On a job that I’d applied for all the way back before I started back in October… so probably in September or so. Apparently they decided just to use the same pool of applicants from when they’d hired back then.

I had my doubts about the interview… mainly because it was from a local government office that had required testing.. in math and other such things… and they usually pick interviews based on those numbers, then use the interview to narrow it down to the people that actually have the experience that they want…. which is where my chances are weakest.

I went anyway. Was in and out in less than 15 minutes… and had at least 3 places where I was kicking myself over the answers I’d given.

They said they were making decisions in the next day, and would pass them on to HR, who would notify in a week.

The week passed. Nothing.

Nothing but silence… all the way through February. No call backs, no interviews, no signs of life at all.


4:45pm on February 13th.

15 minutes from being the very latest you could call during business hours before a February 14th deadline.

I missed the call because I didn’t have my phone on me… but they left a voicemail.

That job from late January has a funny definition of a week!


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