When I went in last week to do my orientation, the HR staff had mentioned during small talk that they had hired 5 people, and were hoping to have all of us ready to go by the weekend, so the HR staff was rushing to try and get it done.

Friday came. Still no word.

Which makes me nervous.

Paranoid nervous.

What if they really meant to only hire one, and accidentally told HR to call all the ones on their possibilities list?

I know.. it’s probably unlikely. And it’s probably more a matter of the time being too short to have gotten everything done on getting physicals and all back before the weekend, so waiting until this week to have everyone ready to train at once to make it easier.

And then today is a holiday, and so they aren’t in the office anyway. Which means probably a number of people took friday off to make an extended weekend of their 3 day weekend.

But with the way things have gone… it’s just enough to be driving me bonkers.


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