Obvious lies

And so, we’re back into one of my least favorite phases of mis-behavior… the lies even when they are clear and blatantly obvious.

It’s become one of my pet peeve items… probably why she does it.

But it drives me nuts!

Why in the world bother telling me yes you cleaned your room, and yes all of the laundry is ready to be washed… when I’m going to walk by the door half an hour later and see that nothing at all has been done? I mean, am I not supposed to notice that I was lied to? It’s not like there was even a plan to be cleaning the room to make it look like it had been done before I discovered the truth.

And while some of them are over major battles, like homework being done, a lot of the time its over incredibly stupid things.

Kid decided to eat some rolls left over from dinner several nights before that had been sitting in the fridge. Which was completely fine… although they were a bit rock hard at the time and I can’t say I’d have probably eaten them myself. So I tell her to throw away any that are left after she’s had the ones that she wants, because they are getting hard.

I ask a bit later if she threw them out, and was told there weren’t any left. Even better. Until I walk into the room about an hour later to find a plate of uneaten rolls on the table.

Except then, she can frame it to other people like grandma that I’m being so so mean and punishing over not throwing rolls away when I’m actually trying to punish the pattern of repeated lies. (And yes, she knows the difference)

Does she really not think that her teacher isn’t going to email me when the homework isn’t showing up, or that I’m not going to compare notes with grandma when a story seems suspicious?


Somehow I guess I thought some degree of logic would have thrown her a clue by now.


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