Hoarding iron

I tend to be pretty absent-minded when it comes to routine things… somehow once I’ve gotten used to a pattern, it gets much much more likely to be completely forgotten.

So I try to automate as much as I can, to completely take myself out of the loop.

Back when I had steady and predictable income, I had two accounts with my bank just so that I could have half of the total usual month’s worth of bills automatically moved over to the second one each check, and all of the bills auto-deduct themselves from there, and thus I never had to remember to check balances or really do anything.

And so I love walgreens’ auto refill option… and the fact that they will let you opt to have the refills mailed to your house for free. (Apparently they figured out that there were a lot of people like me who forgot to pick them up, so they actually made more money by not charging to mail them)

And so all of kiddo’s meds are set up to show up on my doorstep automatically as often as the insurance allows them to be refilled (mostly 26-28 days)

Without my doing anything to keep track of amounts left, days since it was last refilled, when it needs picked up, or anything else I might space out. Thus far, we’ve only once had any problems with meds arriving late.

And since its through walgreens instead of mail order entirely, I can still deal with them and refill things and drop things off in person.

So, since they usually have a 30 day supply, and they refill a bit sooner than that, eventually we get ahead a bit so that we actually have spare… especially on the meds that she only takes as needed.

And so I have a shelf in the cabinet for them, and I pretty much just toss the newest ones to the back, and look from the front when we need a new package of whatever.

As it happens, I also have a kid who fights taking a lot of her medications.

So, sometimes, things end up prioritized. Asthma meds and ADHD meds are critical. Allergy med is awesome, but if she doesn’t take it nothing life threatening happens.

The prescription level vitamins and the iron supplement… because her iron level is always running low… well, it sometimes depends on how the day is going and how much battle went into getting the other meds taken as to whether or not it’s really worth the fight.

Especially with iron. Which tastes bad.

And so, where we will be moving, I’ve been sorting. The cabinet majorly needed it.

And so I sorted the different meds out into different gallon ziplocks to make it easier to just grab the one I’m looking for, and to be able to just toss them all directly into a box when that time comes.

I was more than a bit shocked to discover exactly how far ahead we are on both vitamins and iron.

We’ve got close to 6 months supply of vitamins built up. Which, wasn’t too bad… I probably would have expected 4 or so… as we’ve had this prescription running for years and years.

And then I bagged up the iron.

These are bottles the size of a bottle of prescription cough medicine… not tiny bottles. Only 8 of them fit into a gallon ziplock.

Only 8? So we have more than 8?

OH yeah. We have 17 of them.

18 if you count the one at grandma’s house… 19 if you count the fact that the one in the current meds has barely been used.

20 if you count the one that just showed up today.


What in the world am I doing with 20 bottles of iron??

What in the world am I supposed to do with 20 bottles of iron???

Ok, maybe that’s obvious… i’m supposed to force it down the throat of an uncooperative child a tablespoon at a time.

I’m half tempted to take all 20 bottles in to the doctor’s office the next time we go and she tries to pretend that she’s just amazingly cooperative and takes everything just as she is supposed to.

But beyond that… I’m still trying to figure out what you do with a giant amount of surplus iron.

With her inhalers and such, the extra is usually a positive thing, as I know even if she ends up uninsured at some point for some reason, it gives me a buffer before I have to pay out of pocket for expensive stuff.

But iron? I don’t think I’d probably even pay out of pocket for the iron if it came to that point.

I almost tossed out all but about 6 of them… but then, i feel bad about doing that. But then, I know there’s a good chance it wont be used before it technically expires anyway, so it would probably still be wasted either way..

Is it considered hoarding to keep large amounts of a med you know the kid is going to fight taking every spoon of the way?

(And yes… I logged in and cancelled that one.. lol


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