Comes around again

First day of training for the new job finally came around today.

From the “week” they said it would take to notify people after the interview, I probably should have already figured out that time doesn’t exactly happen the same as expected.

And it went smoothly… honestly, except for the season tickets, it’s really pretty similar to using something like ticketmaster online…

And so instead of doing another training day at the end of next week, my supervisor is having me come in for a general admission event this weekend to be off on my own.

But there’s an interesting twist to this.

You see, the event is an annual garden showcase sort of thing… lots of plant companies and landscaping companies and people who put in decks or patios or hot tubs.

And I’ve worked it before.

Way back when I was a junior in high school, I was an intern for one of the local secular radio stations.

I’d helped other staff out at two different live broadcasting events before and been trained at them.

But the garden show was my first time completely on my own at an event for the station.

At the time I was terrified I’d totally mess up the remote location equipment… especially as the booth i was running when not doing the remote parts involved handing out marigolds to kids. marigolds that had really been overwatered and were just in little peat moss pots. And with no sink around to wash the mud from the potting soil off my hands, so I ended up covered in it.

But I made it through. And even had listeners pretending they actually knew who I was.. lol


So it just seemed a bit interesting to me that all these years later… my first day on my own outside of training again, and its for the same annual event again.

At least this time I shouldn’t have to deal with dirt. 🙂


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