The master backup

*So what happens if the college isn’t able to make things work financially to cover living expenses during school, and the job situation is still too low on hours to cover it fully?

As far as school stuff goes, that’s basically the big question.

*So how in the world are you going to pull off paying $450 in school deposits that are due before loans or other financial assistance would be given?

*So how do you expect to keep bills paid until then when the job hours are low and unpredictable right now?

And those are the two less-big school questions.

Among all the other random questions “how” questions floating around in my life right now, this is what the school portion of my messy life basically boils down to.

And many tears and lost sleep and worries later, I think I have at least a loose answer to them.

Obviously, I’d like to see the answer be to have a good job hire me asap and be willing to work with school hours… but I can’t say I’m placing any bets on that one.

To answer the two lesser questions first… I think I’m at the point where my best option still really sucks.

Going back to a call center job for a few months.

Which I know is going to kill my wrists and make my tendonitis flare up bad, and probably cause pain for months afterwards again.

I toughed it out from October to December for the last seasonal call center job I did.. so I know I can tough it out in spite of being in pain for a few more months again, even though I know it has absolutely no chance of being something I can pull off as a long term solution.

It’s a really bad option to intentionally put myself into a situation to where I know even before I go into it that it’s going to cause physical problems and risk nerve damage… but I’m at a loss for any better options right now.

The big question… is actually a bit of a simpler answer.
(part of the financial assistance was going to be on need-based grant, any scholarships would just reduce that grant portion until they got above that amount… not a likely scenario)

The best plan I’ve found is to toss myself back into some random classes at the state college again for another year to kill time and boost gpa, then apply to their grad school the next year.

With keeping focus on job hunt rather than future schooling… so that should I finally get hired somewhere stable in that year, the classes get dropped.

With the state college rates, I have about a year and a half until I’d hit the undergrad loan cap… so that’s basically all the time that I’d have to get my gpa up higher to have a shot at the grad school. Which goes into a different category on loans so that the cap would no longer be an issue.

The reason I don’t like this idea is that it seems pointless.

The classes before had a clear objective… leading to a program with a clear job potential at the other end.

Masters programs generally don’t. They aren’t meant to get you jobs, they are meant to get you promoted and open doors in the direction you are already going. (With the exception of some of the medical programs… that I’d have a really slim shot of getting into if I can’t even get into the other catholic college program)

And killing time is still just killing time.

Somewhere there’s gotta be a better use for that time.

I’m just having a rough time finding that use that also wants me, or will keep a roof over our heads while doing it.


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