Gotten us into…

I’m starting to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into on deciding to let kiddo try to go to church camp.

my original answer to the children’s pastor was “there’s very very little chance”.

however, kiddo had already told her that she was probably going to be going to daycamp at the y for the summer anyway, so she could probably just go to church camp instead.

which, ok, was true… but i didn’t particularly want to go into the fact that the state subsidy program will help pay for the already cheaper than daycare y camps, but not the $340 for one week church camp… particularly while standing in a busy hallway with other parents trying to pick up their kids.

and so somehow i ended up letting myself get talked into it, with the assurance of fund raisers and being able to work with my not having the deposit on time… plus with camp being the first week of august giving until the end of june to come up with the rest.

but then, it turns out our church only actually has 7 campers this year for some reason.

and so, they ended up on a wait list for this camp… basically to be filled into a gap where a large church reserved a ton of beds but had at least 7 not filled when their payment was due 4 weeks before camp.

and so, i have no clue how fast the money will be needed until 4 weeks before they go, but it could be as early as early may if they get into the june sessions.

quite a different situation to have two months less to come up with it… especially when my school expenses would be mostly in april and may, so june would have been more open.

but also a different situation when you only have 7 kids and their parents running fundraisers. its a lot easier when you have like 30 and can split them into groups or whatever… or have each one just have a small part. but 7? that doesn’t give much space.

and then came the announcement of which ones they are doing. catering for after-church dinners and throwing ladies teas are probably some of my least favorite options they could have decided to use. i dont even want to attend those sorts of things, let alone be involved with doing them.

can’t i just spray some cars with a hose and dish soap in the name of a car wash or something, or have people pledge so much for each lap or minute or other measurement of some random task my kid does at a particular time? jump rope.. walk a thon… something..

the other selection of a bake sale didn’t sound bad… i mean, i end up sending stuff for school fundraisers a few times a year. puppychow aka muddybuddys tends to sell the best there… one big batch makes about 30 snack sized baggies that sell for 50 cents, and it makes about 15 dollars… 3 dozen cookies selling for 50 cents each makes about 12… about the same with rice krispie treats.. almond bark covered pretzels makes a ton and makes a small fortune it seems.

umm.. no.

the email had about 4 links on tips, and announced that we would be spending the day working on presentation and adding ribbons.

the first link had the suggested price list, including 2 dollars each for cookies, 3 each for brownies or cupcakes, 5 for small loaves of whatever.


i cant say i would ever pay $2 for a cookie unless its one huge cookie.

the next link had a bunch of pictures of very professional looking cupcakes. And suggested we look for fancy cupcake wrappers, and wrap everything in cellophane, and even consider buying a certain type of clear plastic cups to put the cupcakes inside before wrapping so they travel well as gifts.

and said people pay well for good baking.

maybe thats my thing… i pay cheap for basic things and just sell a ton of them instead of selling a few upscale baked goods. usually seems to be a decent strategy.

and the next link… was a cupcake suggestion.


She expects this to be what we come up with for the bake sale?

I’ve got to laugh… its just so far from what my ambition level is right now.

But, for that matter, I think I would have probably avoided eggs and bunnies at a church sale anyway to avoid losing sales from the ones who arent happy about the meaning of easter losing focus due to commercial things.


What in the world did I manage to just sign myself up for???

Fancy baking and ladies teas are not quite what crossed my mind when letting myself get talked into this.

Maybe this round will be painful enough to make me remember that next time.. lol!


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