The Call To Wonder by R.C. Sproul Jr.

The Call to Wonder by RC Sproul is the latest book that I’ve received from Tyndale House for reviewing the book.

The book mostly focuses on the various aspects of being “like little children“, and how these relate to our relationship with God.

Some of these are fairly straightforward… such as the call to trust our Father, and the nature of children to be happy to be able to please just for the sake of being able to please. (He does actually have 8 kids… though sometimes looking at the kids that I know I might the question the latter trait.)

The call to wonder itself, from the title, is one of these but not the entire book focus as I had expected.

Some points of the book were made really well, such as the difference between just being in awe and feeling small in comparison to being in wonder and thrilled with the mystery of the vastness.

His approach on some of the topics was different that what I’m used to, and really made me think of things differently at times.

One that particularly struck me was a minor point made that what God says can be trusted, because what he says becomes reality. He says there is light, and there is light. The example was used that if God said that the author is a car, God would not being lying, the author would find himself suddenly having wheels.

However… at other times, this also made me feel like I’m really just not quite getting it. I found myself wishing this were a class instead of a book so I could ask him to explain it a bit differently or give another illustration.

The example of this that stands out to me is in a discussion of his special needs daughter.

He explained that when we enter the presence of God, we are transported in location into another realm.
(Got it this far..)
But because God is eternal, his presence is in eternity… so when we enter, we are as well… thus we are also transported into another realm of time, not just a different realm of location.
(New, but ok, I follow here..)
So he believes that in these times, since we are in eternity, we are also past the victory… and so in these moments his daughter is healed, and can understand him perfectly, and can speak, though she doesn’t as it then allows him to believe by faith instead of sight.
(Ok, I’m not quite sure that I’m getting this one. If I have a broken arm in the physical realm and current time, being in the presence of God may transport my spirit.. but my arm would still be stuck here and now. Though, yes, I do believe that the presence of God showing into this realm can change things here, I guess I’m just not quite getting the connection on how he’s getting where he’s getting here.)

I think I might have preferred reading this book as part of a group study, mainly to be able to discuss and try to get some of the points where I feel like I’m just not quite getting it… but it is a good book and an interesting read, and does have some perspectives that were new to me and made me think about things in a different way.

1st Chapter .PDF

Tyndale book page

Amazon book page


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