The conference

I’ve always joked that my brother first daughter and boo got genetics crossed somehow.

I got two detentions in my entire school life.

Which is part of why more and more I dread parent teacher conferences.

This round was no exception.

Especially with the recent issue of constant lies… which includes telling me homework was done when it wasnt, or telling me it was only this and that when it wasnt…

Resulting in a conference where I was informed that she’s had 18 detentions. Just this quarter… roughly 9 weeks.

All for not getting things done or not getting things signed.

And while showing near honor roll grades and really high state testing scores… making it look like her problem is only at home.

Followed by being told that her hoodie smells… (She likes to throw it down on the loveseat or floor at grandmas house and it gets cats sleeping on it… and since it’s only used like a jacket it only gets washed about weekly. I haven’t noticed a smell on it particularly but then I’m around cats…)

Followed by being told (by both teacher and nurse) that she’s still refusing to eat the vast majority of her lunches.. only eating the dessert most days. (She won’t eat packed lunches from home either though, unless they are lunchables and other expensive and less than healthy junk).

Followed by a discussion in which my mom (who I asked to come along for backup on the “we’re trying” on homework thing) tells the teacher and the nurse that she refuses to take medications for me without a battle… which the teacher makes it sound like its pretty clear that its just a control issue and I need better control over her.

Oh, and that’s not mentioning that grandma had signed up for field trip assistance earlier in the quarter, then backed out because she thought my nearly 30 year old brother might need to go to the ER (but didn’t… and had someone to take him even if he did…).

Then signed up for another field trip at the conference.

Then made it clear she was coming the next day for the grandparent lunch day, then cancelled half an hour before leaving me to run up there in her place because boo was expecting her to bring lunch and her bookfair money… and to field questions from boo and the teacher as to what happened to her grandma being there.

Is there a medal for loser family of the year? I think we just might be in the running in their eyes.

Just really hoping this doesn’t result in them calling people “in concern”. Last thing we need right now.

I feel like I’m doing what I can… and it’s just never enough, or even close.

I’m seriously trying to come up with a way to talk her out of going to the traditional magnet middle school after next school year. Yes, it has the best scores in the district, and yes our local one is near the lowest and scores so low that kids are allowed to opt out to another school… but I’m just not sure we can keep doing this constant ongoing struggle that much longer.

She can have the really high test scores all she wants… if she just doesn’t care, there’s not much of a way to force her to care if she’s already decided that she doesn’t.


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