Nervous or suspicious

I’m having trouble figuring out, in the middle of the stress, what is just jumpiness from the nerves and what is true suspicion.

Going back over things from the teacher conference… trying to figure out if I should be ready for them to call and do a “poor kid in an awful family” report.

Trying to figure out if the questioning of my parenting choices on discipline matters is a deliberate undermining or if I’m just being jumpy. (It was a $40 item destroyed in a temper tantrum… I don’t feel like a week’s wii grounding is appropriate for the crime… and I’m getting really darn sick of the stupid little lies…)

Should I be concerned that the allowing of spending almost all of spring break with grandma is an attempt to pull something, or another attempt at undermining…. or am I just jumpy at what could just be an emotional thing from the whole divorce mess?

It’s mostly just little things… and little comments…. but they keep tripping my caution flag, and I can’t tell if it’s a legit warning or just a hair-trigger from all of the stuff flying around right now.

And worried about going off too easily… but maybe more worried about being wrong if it was something that I should have caught and attacked proactively.


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