Peeps and pastels.

In spite of my hesitations… the bake sale went pretty well.

And was nowhere near as painful as expected! LOL

My stuff was pretty basic…. puppy chow (aka muddy buddys), snickerdoodles, a couple of 8x8s of brownies, and almond bark coated pretzels.

But they sold pretty well, even with lots of other fancier and prettier options.

I’d done a couple more things than I’d planned, knowing that we’ve only got 8 kids for camp so only that many families involved…. but then, a surprise amount of the church members brought stuff for us to sell too instead of just buying things… so we ended up with tons of stuff everywhere.

Even when I left to go to second service, there was still a lot of stuff behind the table that couldn’t fit on it yet… and if we’d started the day off with just what we had left, we’d have still had a big sale.

So round one is down.

Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.


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