Driving to Tulsa

We live just a couple blocks off of a major interstate highway.

So, even when I’m just going a couple of miles, a lot of times it’s faster to just grab the nearby exit, go the couple of miles, then backtrack a couple of blocks to get to the place I could have gotten to more directly but slower.

And it’s also easier when on one of the other major highways…. to just go past the exit for the major street on the other side of our area… and go another mile out of the way and grab the interstate down to the close exit. No stoplights… no turning cars… not the most direct but it’s fast and less stressful.

My point being, I’m on this road a lot… for almost every trip except the grocery store or the gas station.

As I turned from another major highway the other day, for some reason, my attention was drawn to the exit sign for the interstate. Because it’s a very busy intersection, the ramp has 3 lanes, that then split with giant signs pointing towards which direction you need… listing some of the cities that are in that direction.

And so, I followed the Oklahoma City and Tulsa arrow.

Not because I planned to drive to either of those cities…. but because where I did plan to go was between here and there.

I’m on the road all the time, especially when working or going to school…. and of those times, only about 5 or 10 times have I ever taken the road to Tulsa or to Oklahoma City.

But if I listened only to the signs, I would think that was where I was headed on each trip.

And I came to wonder how much this sort of thing is responsible for what seems like random turns and upsets in my life.

God: Turn towards Tulsa.
Me: Ok, I’m going to Tulsa.
Sign: Tulsa —–>
God, a few miles later: Exit here, turn towards Walmart.
Me: You told me to go to Tulsa! What happened to Tulsa? I’m lost… where in the world am I supposed to be going here? Am I supposed to be going to Tulsa or Walmart?!??!

Only to be repeated in a few miles… if I actually did follow towards Walmart…. when it turns out there’s another turn before then…. and I wasn’t actually supposed to arrive at Walmart, just go in that direction to get to the street where I needed to turn left.


So I never got to Tulsa. Or Walmart. Or the job field I expected. Or the family I though I was supposed to form. Or this goal, or that goal.

Even when some of the times I was fairly sure that’d been what direction I’d been told to go.

But maybe I’ve missed the fact that being told to go in a direction is not the same thing as being told that you must arrive at the end of that path.

Maybe my end requires turns onto a different street later on to get there.

And maybe I’m not really as lost and far off the path as I feel like I am some of the time. Maybe I’m just confused.

And maybe I need to stop listening as much to where the signs around me say I’m going… and just focus on following the GPS. 🙂


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