The last jog

Boo’s had the same doc since she was 4 months old.

We had a rough go round with the first doc she had… but then, pretty much by luck of where we live and the fact that there was an appointment open soon after I called, we ended up with a good pediatrician.

The same has never been able to be said for the doc’s I’ve had, so it’s always been nice to have a given with hers.

He’s in his 60’s, british born and educated but has lived here a long time… so he tends to be a bit more conservative on medications and things than the general pediatricians around here from what I’ve heard from other parents.

Has 8 kids and 4 stepkids (the youngest of which is a year older than Boo, goes to her school, and was on her basketball team last year), so he’s been around the block a few times with kid issues.

Was formerly the head of one of the two NICU’s in town, and still has a lot of special needs kids… pretty common to see kids around in the waiting room with some pretty major medical issues.

Maybe the biggest thing that has amazed me at times… is that he answers his phone after hours. I don’t mean he’s on call and calls you back, I mean the office phone number actually rings through to his house… and he or his wife (who is the head nurse of the practice) will actually pick it up personally in the middle of the night.

(I’m not going to admit how many times I’ve forgotten about this after a night of little sleep over something or another going around, and called at about 4 or 5 am expecting to leave a message or to listen to office hours to be reminded when they open… and ended up totally caught off guard by having him answer clearly having been asleep… )

The things that have annoyed me with him at times… I’ve been observant enough to realize are the flip sides of the things I love about him.

Yes, he’s always running late, sometimes really late… there’s been times that I’ve scheduled a 4pm appointment to avoid missing much school, and we didn’t get home until 7pm.
But… I love that he takes his time, goes into depth, and asks about things that aren’t even the particular reason why we came in for a visit in addition to addressing the issue listed on the chart.

I hate that sometimes he doesn’t see things my way… but then, I love that he isn’t bullied even by my mother having her strong opinions on something and coming along. He sticks to his experience, and goes with what he feels is best, even when I’m not so sure that it’s a call that I like.

I hate the sometimes frequent followup visits…. but I love that he’s more likely to keep an eye on something and see how it progresses before just throwing medications at it on the off chance that it might be bacterial and need antibiotics.

So… today Boo came home and announced that she needs a new doctor. Given Boo’s flair for the dramatic, I assumed that she’d had some sort of typical girl playground drama involving the doctor’s daughter.

Unfortunately, no.

Last night he’d gone jogging about 10:30pm.

His wife woke up around 1:30am, and he still wasn’t home, so she called and reported him missing.

Around 2:30am, the police found him.

He’d been hit by a car and killed…. his body thrown into the ditch… by a car that apparently never even stopped.

There’s a fresh pit feeling in my stomach tonight over a world of jerks who could hit someone with a car and not even bother to at the very least call and report someone hurt.

And why does it never seem to be the jerks like that who get killed, instead of people who seem to do all they can to help others?

Life is unfair, and things in this world suck sometimes. I know. We humans mess things up pretty bad.

But I’m really not so thrilled with the fresh reminder.


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