Break for summer

I always liked school… well, at least the learning aspects of it. I could have done without some of my peers.

And so I was never the biggest fan of summer. Summer ended my library access.

Nor did I like summer when kiddo was younger… and it meant a bored kid.

But I’ve learned to really like it the past couple of years.

Two and a half months of no homework battles!

No detention notes… no lost books… no unfinished things being lied about…

No shocking phone calls from the principal where I discover the hard way that they actually do have in school suspension in elementary school.

Summer break has taken on new meaning to me.

My Own Worst Enemy by Janet Davis

My Own Worst Enemy by Janet Davis is the latest book I’ve received from Bethany House for reviewing.

I guess I sort of expected this book to be about physical ways that we make life harder on ourselves. Debt, health choices, those sort of things.

Instead, I was surprised by the depth, in a positive way.

It focuses more on ways that we sell ourselves short.

Maybe we let our true dreams die off, and never truly find our purpose.

Maybe we let ourselves be beaten down by certain parts of our past that we hide, and let ourselves feel like we are “less than“.

Maybe we hold ourselves back, not willing to stand out from the crowd and show the true talents that we’ve been given for fear of showing off.

This isn’t a book you are probably going to get through quickly if you are really open to reading it. It’s one of those that will probably take some time of just sitting and processing and really reflecting.

But it’s very worth the time spent.

Amazon’s page for the book

Goodbye carpet

I’ve been threatening around here for years that eventually I wanted to pull up the old beat up carpet around here.

And through some drama.. I’ve finally done it. The living room carpet is gone.

Accomplished by myself even.

The hollow echo in the house is taking some getting used to.

I’m trying to get the motivation to attack onward to the rest of the rooms… or at least the next room… and it’s just not quite there yet.

This may end up being a slow process.

Stooping low

1 Timothy 5:19 Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses. 20 But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that the others may take warning. NIV

I can’t actually even find the translation that was used in the sermon… flipping through youversion I don’t see it… but somewhere, there’s a translation of the second verse that doesn’t specify “elders”.

And so, it was twisted…. to mean “those who criticize the pastor unless they have two of three people who have specifically seen him sinning”.

Someone recently used the church social media website to openly ask about some of the things going on.

And the response… didn’t address the issues at all… she was just told basically “how could you dare criticize me… don’t you remember how I helped you at one point?” and basically a personal attack on her.

Before proceeding to delete any sort of open discussion at all… while allowing the few that do to post things like “let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouths” using scripture to pretty much say that nothing in the way of real discussion is going to be allowed and all but rubbing it in to those who would like to start one.

Oh, and accusing the ones trying to clear the air of being the ones who caused the division… not that they are just the only ones willing to address the division already caused by the recent happenings.

Followed by that twisted scripture in the sermon.

Every time I think my opinion on him has dropped as low as it can… I get surprised.


Sometimes I’m way too easily thrilled.

This bag of cinco de mayo rejects made my day!

Most of them a ripe enough they needed used immediately… some of them were even too far over ripe and needed thrown out.

Even so, I ended up with a giant bowl of guacamole to turn into veggie burritos of dinner tonight… and a ton left over for tomorrow… and still had ten more avocados left to send home with my brother for whatever they could come up with for them.

Love avocados… but they aren’t something that grows around here. So for most of the year they are a dollar each… in the summer dropping down to about 69 cents at the lowest.

So a big bag of them… for $1.50… even if very ripe… was very awesome!

The grocery store got rid of stuff that was too ripe to sell, and we got to have a nice guac party…. good day to me!

Just in time

Wasn’t sure when I committed to church children’s camp at Dry Gulch for kiddo exactly how we were going to pay for it.

Actually, initially I was pretty convinced that we couldn’t.

The fund raisers helped… and got it down… but there was still a good chunk that would need to be paid, and because our group was small, it had gotten onto a waiting list so that we wouldn’t know what week they would be going, and thus when the money was needed, until short notice.

Around this same time, my mom was clearing out her basement, and was preparing to throw out some random stuff from the weight loss company she used to sell. I offered to take it instead, and put it on ebay, and see if I could get anything for it that might make a dent towards camp.

I expected maybe 30 or 40 bucks after shipping all of the stuff out.

Somehow I ended up with enough for camp, and enough left over for the book I still needed for classes this summer.

And when did I end up with it? Less than 4 days before we got the notification that we needed the camp money in.

So nice when miracles come through. 🙂

Flying gifts


Sigh sigh sigh.

Only in my family can even a holiday meant for good end up with a gift thrown across the driveway back at the child who gave it, as she gets told that they don’t want it because she didn’t really mean it.

I know the feeling of having things seem hollow when the everyday treatment doesn’t match the spoken… but still…..

Drama drives me bonkers sometimes.