Just in time

Wasn’t sure when I committed to church children’s camp at Dry Gulch for kiddo exactly how we were going to pay for it.

Actually, initially I was pretty convinced that we couldn’t.

The fund raisers helped… and got it down… but there was still a good chunk that would need to be paid, and because our group was small, it had gotten onto a waiting list so that we wouldn’t know what week they would be going, and thus when the money was needed, until short notice.

Around this same time, my mom was clearing out her basement, and was preparing to throw out some random stuff from the weight loss company she used to sell. I offered to take it instead, and put it on ebay, and see if I could get anything for it that might make a dent towards camp.

I expected maybe 30 or 40 bucks after shipping all of the stuff out.

Somehow I ended up with enough for camp, and enough left over for the book I still needed for classes this summer.

And when did I end up with it? Less than 4 days before we got the notification that we needed the camp money in.

So nice when miracles come through. 🙂


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