Lots of shots

Somewhere they really should have warned us exactly how many needles were going to be involved in being accepted into this program.

I just got 5.. and I need 3 more in a month.. and I need 2 more a few months later.

Oops, it turned out they now recommend another booster shot of two of them, that they didn’t require back when I got them…. oops, I don’t have doctor verification of chicken pox, so I can either pay $75 to have them draw blood and test it or I can get two more shots that are covered so no cost.. plus the tb test and the 3 step vaccine that I knew I needed… and the one that’s been over ten years… and the yearly flu one…

And in this process, I find myself a bit amazed at the way our bodies are made.

First.. that they are smart enough to learn… and able to defend themselves. Enemy spotted, enemy killed, notes made so attack is ready the minute that enemy sets foot in the door again.

That alone is some pretty advanced accomplishment.

But.. when you think about it… it’s not like the body really realizes that it’s being manipulated… it just sees enemies needing fought, with no difference between vaccine and actual threat.

So right now mine has got to be going..
“Seriously??? Do you have a death wish??? How in the world do you get yourself exposed to measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria, and hep b all in the same day??? And you expect to live through all of these???”

And it will fight a war on 7 fronts all at once… and win all 7 victories… and have its forces trained and armed and ready for the next encounter for any or all of the 7.

So I suppose I can put up with feeling a bit lousy right now.

Hours and hours

For most of the summer, I’ve had pretty limited work hours. Enough to make things hard to squeak by.

Classes start… summer sessions that have a shorter time frame and thus faster pace…

And all of the sudden, I have 3 full 8 hour days in a row the weekend after the first week of classes… and a 6 hour day followed by 2 more 8 hour days for next weekend.

Feast to famine… nothing in between. I love the hours and need the paycheck but man… it feels like this schedule is trying to kill me right now!

But when I have nothing else going on… of course they don’t call! LOL

Less scary than expected

Last time around, I got away with the second lowest level of math.

I was a communications/theater/spanish/sociology student… and none of those really cared much how well I could do algebra.

I also got away with geology and oceanography for science classes.

None of the above flies with health professions related programs.

And so, I need the next higher math class for the degree.

And I also need chemistry. But chemistry requires the math class above the one that I already have to take.

And so, I need two higher math classes… when it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve had to take any math class. And when I never did ever make it into Algebra 2 or anything higher in high school (long story for another day).

I really haven’t been looking forward to this. These and chemistry both scare me a bit.

So… this is one of the semesters of the program where they leave hours open for you to take one of your required classes to make the full time status.

And so I ended up in math, in the summer session where they cram a class into 8 weeks instead of 16.

And… the only one open meets one night a week for 4 hours… cramming a whole week’s worth of classes into one night.

I started to wonder what I was thinking… and expected to be spending large amounts of the summer on math homework.

I walked into the classroom on the first night…. and my first clue that something was odd was that there were little piles of snack sized candy on all of the tables. That’s not something normal for a college classroom.

We soon found out…. she only teaches one class a semester at the college. She’s actually a high school teacher, so she usually teaches this material at a lower level.

The class works out to be one chapter per night… and so, what she does… is that she picks the sections that she knows will be relevant in the next class (she teaches a session of that next semester), she goes through the first section… assigns 3 or 4 problems from each different section type in the book’s assignment… then gives us time to work on them before going to the next section.

This means… no homework unless you need more time. There’s only 15 students in the class, and about 12 of us turned everything in during class.

As far as the graphing calculator listed as required… not only is she fine with cell phone apps instead of having to make a purchase you likely won’t use again… but she actually provides calculators to use in class, so that way she knows they are all the same and can explain which buttons to hit easier.

And she encourages their use any time we find it helpful.

And… except for the final, all of the tests are take-home tests… where we can use anything we can find to get the answers, and even told us that it’s easier if we work on them with a partner.

The final is required to be in class…. but they syllabus says for that night “come hungry, pizza will be provided”… and the week before, she will give us a review sheet and answer key, which will actually be a different version of the same test (where they can set it to make “A” version and “B” version which some teachers use to reduce cheating… and usually only vary by question order or what variables are plugged in)

Suddenly, these math classes aren’t looking quite so scary after all!


This weekend, my job got really weird on me.

My official title is “Ticket Clerk”.

What this usually means is box office staff…. we sell tickets, we help with mailing tickets and show flyers… that sort of thing.

This weekend? We are somehow dinosaur show staff.

I’ve spent two shifts basically babysitting…. sitting at the door to the area for little kids to climb on dino statues, and making sure they don’t “horseplay”, don’t fling themselves into the inflatable walls to bounce off of them, and take their shoes off before they go onto the tarp covered areas.

The other shift… I spent repeatedly having to tell kids not to touch the teeth of a giant t-rex head made of rubber that has giant flexible teeth… for families to take pictures with… at the end of an exibit where they had been allowed to touch all of the dinos inside. You can imagine about how well that day went.

I’m glad for the hours… but seriously failing to see how either of these really fell into the job description of ticket clerk!

But it’s a weird dynamic… because while they do have their own staff, we don’t work for the show… and have no alliances to the show.

And the show is pretty much a total scam.

The part of the show that is supposed to be the hands-on main thing… is only 7 scenes long. It takes families about 15 minutes to go through. Of all of the other activities advertised, none were included in the admission price except the kids area I was manning and one area where they brush sand away to find “fossils” built into the bottom of the table. Oh, and they could color in dino themed coloring books… or fill out a “scavenger hunt” worksheet about the displays that the person manning that booth wasn’t even given the answers to when they asked about it.

Everything else had fees… major ones. Like $6 per kid to play in a dinosaur shaped moon walk for ten minutes or to play a mini-golf course that basically just had dino cutouts to decorate it and make it dinosaur related. Face painting went up to $15.

And this was after they had already paid $15 per adult and $10 per child for admission.

And so it’s really hard to know what to say to the many angry parents… when I completely agree with them… but know it’s probably not a good move for professionalism to openly trash the people who are paying you to represent them for the weekend.

I’m very glad this weekend is over. Goodbye dinos.

Stirred fry

I made a stir fry.

Ok, so that’s nothing too new…

How about, I grew a stir fry.


Consisting of chicken, and all veggies from my own garden.

Yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, and snap peas.

I’m doing a little victory dance!

Maybe all the years of asking my friend silly garden questions paid off after all! Actual harvests this year!

Wish that he were here to see how well things are growing. Miss talking to him lots sometimes.

Glad for company

Does it sound bad to say that I’m actually sort of relieved that I’m not the fattest girl in our class?

Well, after how wonderful the doctor visit went… I wondered a bit. Would being a fat chick be an obstacle that would be hard to overcome? Am I going to be the only fat one in a class of skinny 18 year olds that actually look good in scrubs? Can I even do this without being more physically fit?

As it happens… there is both another girl pretty close to my size.. and one a few sizes heavier… in addition to a handful of bigger guys.

Which, granted… shouldn’t matter.

But it made me feel better that it least it shouldn’t matter for us together.

Camp Behave

The kids program director has posted a few updates from camp.

In one, she mentions battling a bit of issues from homesickness.

I feel a bit bad that my first thought was… hey, maybe if my kid does start acting awful for them when the new wears off a bit, she’ll just write it off as homesick and not just realize that’s par for the course with my kiddo!

I really hope she stays behaving well for them.

And sort of scared that I’m going to have to do the long drive to go pick her up if she starts showing true colors at them.

Normally I’m not a big fan of faking it and putting on acts to pretend to be perfect… but in this case… that would actually be really nice.