She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice

She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice is the latest book I’ve received from Tyndale for reviewing.

And let me start by saying I don’t like the title.

To me, the phrase brings to mind people who struggle with particular, non-universal problems. And that isn’t who this book is really about.

It’s about the areas of struggle that are common to almost all of us in one way or another. All of the little things of our daily lives that we battle with that seem small on their own, but add together to keep us from really being changed by being a Christian.

It goes through different areas, and includes different quizzes to evaluate where you might need to consider things in your life.

But not all of these are going to be obvious. Quite a few may have different ways that they would show themselves that you wouldn’t really think would apply to you at first glance.

For example, you may not have issues with control as in trying to control other people, or being obsessive about trying to control things in life… but there’s also another side of the coin, in being overly avoiding of control and feeling like you don’t have control over life, that things are mostly up to chance.

I was sort of surprised on how many chapters I figured wouldn’t relate, only to read through and find that they really did in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

But really… not a fan of the title. It doesn’t really go where the book goes, but it also makes it a book that’s a lot less likely to be picked up or purchased (or even read in a place where other people can see the title) by the people that the book really aims for, bogged down by the accumulation of the smaller struggles in everyday life rather than battling a particular “large” issue.

Amazon’s page for the book
Tyndale’s page for the book


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