Scare tactics

I have the worst luck with doctors.

I had to do a physical for the college program… to have a doctor sign off that I’m physically able to complete the clinical portions of the classes.

So unfortunately my usual strategy of going to the walk in clinic staffed by nurse practitioners wouldn’t work.

So I went. Reluctantly.

And this was another one of those experiences that remind me why I hate seeing doctors.

This was my first time with this doctor, but I had seen another one previously who is no longer with that practice. I waited an hour an a half to even get back to a room… gee, this is sure going to inspire me to come see them.

It only got worse from there… if I hadn’t needed my paper signed, I probably should have walked out.

The kind, loving doctor told me at one point “being overweight increases risk of every type of cancer, so to me it’s not a matter of _if_ you’ll get cancer, it’s just a matter of _when_.”

Why did she say this? Because I haven’t had a pap smear in about 5 years.
Does this inspire me to schedule an uncomfortable, invasive, non-critical exam with this professional? Can we say no way?

Strike two… “You are probably already diabetic and you don’t even know it.” I was annoyed with her enough at this point that I didn’t say a word. She continued… asking if I’d considered that I was diabetic… and I answered no… and she went on to ask why not and tell me that I probably had been for some time.

Only at this point did I mention that I watch my fasting blood sugars, checking them a couple times a week, and that while they are a bit high, they are nowhere near diabetic concern levels.

She gave up on the diabetic discussion at that point, and told me my weight as if I hadn’t already seen it on the scale… and then told me that I “need to turn (my) life around.”

At this point, since she obviously hadn’t read the paperwork, I explained the chemical imbalance issues that I’ve got going on that mess with things. (Something that I’ve seen three different endocrinologists for in the past, all of which took it seriously… and something that she could run simple blood tests to check the current status of herself, which I actually would have liked to have done.)

She actually rolled her eyes at me… and went right back into her planned lecture about eating better and exercising more… without actually having ever even asked me how I ate or how much I exercised.

Only after this went on for a while did she get to the physical part of the exam… while asking me questions that I know were trying to lump me into sleep apnea because it tends to be more common in obese people
(No, I don’t wake up many times per night. No I don’t feel tired like I get no rest even right after I wake up. No I don’t snore heavily unless my nose is clogged from unrelated allergy issues… Yes I know what you are trying to get at with this particular line of questioning, so no I probably wouldn’t be honest even if some of these did apply…)

And the big finally… as she is asking me to do various physical things… is when she acts totally surprised that I can touch my toes. “Wow, you’re still very flexible”.
“Still”? I’m only in my early 30’s… and yes, I can touch my toes, I can touch them with my wrist even… stop acting like I’m 700 lbs and it’s a miracle I can even get out of bed.

And so, she filled out the paper… which fortunately was mostly checkboxes that she couldn’t really dispute. In the comments section she put “Relatively fair health, neglects preventative exams.” So I’m fully prepared to get to explain to my instructor that without having had health insurance since 2006, having my cervix scraped regularly just hasn’t been a high priority… but at least it’s done and he has a paper to stick in the file to say I’ve jumped through that hoop.

She also gave me a paper to take to the lab to have bloodwork done. I looked it over when I got to the car… and the only things that she ordered were the basic general test, the test for cholesterol levels, and the test that shows extended blood sugar averages. None of the useful tests that would have checked the levels on the areas where my actual issues are.

They called today and left a message to remind me to get the lab testing done… as I was supposed to have gone there two days ago.

How cute that they actually think I’ll continue to be a patient there.


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