The really odd interview.

So I just had quite possibly the weirdest interview that I’ve ever had.

I applied for the job about a month ago… off the student employment website. It was a part time clerical position, that said it could work around hours for students, and was somewhat marginally related to my major.

So I got a call today…. and as it turns out, they were just being vague. It’s actually very close to my major. They sell and lease diagnostic equipment… the machines we use.

She asked about when I was available, and I told her, and it seemed fine. And so the person on the phone told me to come in sometime this afternoon to fill out the formal app.

So I did… and it turned into an instant interview.

The interview consisted of a single question… asking what year I was in the program.

The rest of the time, he kept going back and forth between looking at my resume and telling me it was wonderful…. and telling me he wouldn’t even consider me because later on in the program I wouldn’t want the number of hours that they would need someone to work.

And then right back to telling me how great the program is… and how awesome it is that I had both th related classwork and the records/clerical background.

And then back to how it just wouldn’t work out.

He seemed to be a very nice guy… he didn’t actually introduce himself by name, but at one point he did tell me (in his heavy european accent) that he was a nuclear physicist

but it was just a really weird result.

All I could do once I got back out to my car was laugh.

Suppose that it’s good to know that a nuclear physicist in a related field thinks the program I’m in is wonderful.

He did tell me he would keep my resume around though in case sometime they happened to need someone for just a few hours

So… no luck on something that will pay the bills, but at least I got a good laugh for the afternoon, and a boost of confidence that this path has a positive outlook in the end.

But to make things seem just a bit more weird…. this company is actually in the exact same office as the last weirdest interview I had some years back…. the cardiologist that kept asking illegal and irrelevant questions about my relationship status, past relationships, and details about my kid.

I think I might be putting this building on a blacklist for the future! LOL


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