Teams and choices

I’m not thrilled with our choices for kiddo for volleyball this fall.

She’s been with the same team for 5 sessions now.

But, the coach’s daughter is a year older, and so the team is moving up to the older age group. Boo can stay on the team in that group… but it will mean that she will be playing against teams made up of mostly 6th and 7th graders.

She’s only going into 5th… and is already one of the smallest kids on the team. In addition to being bigger, the other teams’ girls will have a couple years more experience, and likely be playing on their middle school teams as well.

I don’t predict that going well.

We can stay with the same level she’s been at, but be assigned to a new team at random…. but that really hasn’t worked out well for us in the past at volleyball. The coaches at this level are parents… and a lot of them played when they were younger, but really have no idea on exactly how to transfer that to teaching someone else to play well.

Right now, boo knows the basics… what she really needs help working on is her form. So I’m not sure that’s going to be a good plan either.

There’s also a third option… the one that she wants to go for… and that’s the advanced league.

The advanced league would be the same age group that she’s currently in… but the big difference is that it’s a competitive league.

In the recreational league, everyone plays the same amount of time… everyone gets a shot even if they are lousy… games have scores but there is no tracking or team ranking.

All of that is off in the competitive league. Coaches can play their good players the entire time and their weak players little or none… and there is pressure to win.

I’m not too worried about how boo would do on the court… but… boo’s serving is a big weakness. She’s still very off and on.. sometimes she gets most of them, and sometimes she’s lucky if anything goes over the net.

But even with having a setup in the back yard to practice… she still refuses to work on it.

And so I get the feeling that the advanced league is going to result in a good deal of frustrated unhappiness about how unfair she feels like it is that the better players get to play more.

All three options are the same price, and roughly the same amount of time obligation and driving distance.

But I’m not real sure that I like any of them.


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