The curve

So, as I’ve mentioned… I got into my current college program by being on the wait list and waiting a year… which had me pretty nervous at the start of the semester.

Because, theoretically… this basically means that I’m one of the ones in the class that they had the least confidence in.

Well, it’s almost a month into the first class in the program.

Today, the director of the program came into the class to speak for a few minutes… about how concerned he was about how low the grades have been.

He mentioned that the class average on tests has been in the low 80’s… which by our grading scale is a C. (Anything below 80 is a D, and not passing).

This amused me a bit.


Because on the first test, I got a 98.

On both of the quizzes, I got a 90.

On the paper, I got 100.

And on this last test? The one we got back today?

Well, technically, I’d had a 92. But…

She decided to curve the scores.

My 92 became 100.

AKA I got the highest score in the class, or tied someone else for the highest.

Take that wait list! 🙂


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