The air of answer

There’s something about the arrival of an answer to a problem…. or even part of an answer… that feels like there’s suddenly air to breathe again…. as if you’d been holding your breathe.

A piece of the puzzle fell into place today.

Someone at work is quitting. Ok, so they aren’t actually quitting, but they are taking a job in another completely different department, so to our department, they are basically quitting.

Someone who previously worked 3 days a week in the office.

And… randomly… instead of giving all three days to the next person with seniority, the supervisor is giving a day each to three people.

As it happens… I have an open day in my week, because one half of the class has clinicals on one day, and the other has them on the other day.

And so I no longer have an open day.

But… I now have 7 hours a week that are a sure thing! No wondering on how the schedule is going to look, or what events are when… though I will still be working events and have the unpredictable hours for those…

But now 7 hours a week are firm.

Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s basically $50 a day after taxes… or an extra $200 or so a month!

Doesn’t make a giant dent in the short term issues… but that makes a pretty good sized one in the longer term budget!

Still waiting/hoping/praying/worrying for a few more pieces to fall into place… but a very nice sigh of relief to have some of the picture a bit more into view. 🙂


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