Search scares me sometimes

Google sort of scares me sometimes.

The most recent….

I’ve had the same cell number since I first got a cell, about 6 years ago.

This summer, I started getting voicemails from random people about sprinkler systems. All calls from out of state (our state only has a few area codes).

One person addressed the person they thought would be hearing the message by their first name… a fairly common name.

Another person mentioned that he was the best at troubleshooting a certain model of sprinkler.

So… on a whim… I decided to google.. using just that first name and the model name.

Before I’d even hit enter… it popped up a suggestion… that was a man’s name. Same first name with a last name. I decided to hit it.

The very first link on the results was the linkedin page for the man. Who works for a landscaping company in town.

I clicked on the webpage link for the company…. and on their page that lists their services…. that model of sprinkler was one of only a few listed that they install.

For some reason, this sort of scares me a bit.

It seems like you should need a lot more info than just a first name and a sprinkler type to track someone down. (Well, I suppose google probably used location too by looking at who my internet provider is… but still…)

I mean… do I really want someone tracking me down that easy with just my first name, city, and something that I do or am good at?

I suppose that was common way back when…. back when you could address a letter to bob the builder and what city and have the local postman know exactly what carpenter named bob you meant.

But in the internet age? It sort of scares me.


One thought on “Search scares me sometimes

  1. tlc4women says:

    you can go to and they have a lot more info than that. It is scary.

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