The bookcover saga

I thought that I was completely done with getting kiddo’s school supplies…. so that I could focus on being able to get my own…. when two weeks into the school year, the note comes home.

It says she needs 6 stretch-fabric book covers, 3 normal and 3 jumbo.

Now, when we were in high school, these weren’t even allowed, as we were told that the tension is harder on the spines made them wear out a lot faster… but apparently the tide ha changed now, and they are not only allowed, they are required.


So I go to store W… where I expect them to be cheap. Instead they were $4 each. Uh, no.

So I check the grocery store, and they are $3. Better anyway.

Then I ended up checking the pharmacy, which is known for coupons and cheap supplies sometimes, and find them on sale for $2. We have a winner! So I got all 6… 3 of each size… each in different colors…. grumbling about the extra $12 for what are pretty much just decorations, but glad to be done.

About a week passes, and I’m in another brand of store W, way on the far opposite end of town… because I had been on that end of town for an errand… and I see a pile of book covers.

On clearance for 50 cents.


So I drive home… unload the other stuff…. mention my frustration at the price drop… and only now does my kid say “oh yeah, i need 3 more of the jumbo ones, the regular sized ones didn’t fit.”

Double grrr.

No big deal… I’ll stop back at the nearby branch of store W, and they will be the same price by now.

And they would have been…. except that they didn’t have the jumbo sizes anymore, only the normal sized.

Extra double grr.

Ok, so I’ll go back to the pharmacy, maybe they will be on clearance now too.

No more to be found there either.

Ok… fine then.

I’ll just stop at the branch of store W that’s close to my college, and get them there.

And they did have the jumbo size there.

But still at full price.

I gave up and bought the stupid things anyway… because I’m totally sick of dealing with bookcovers and don’t have the time to keep chasing them down.

I get them home, and kiddo pouts because two of the colors that they had were the same two colors that I’d already gotten in the jumbo ones the first time.

Sometimes I feel like its the little things like bookcovers that are going to kill me… just a bit at a time.


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