Knowing my name

Things are even more crazy around here than expected.

Including finding out that the head of our department apparently has a brain tumor.

Still not sure what that’s going to mean just yet when there are only three other staff in the department, and none teach even close to the same areas.

But an interesting thing happened.

I went along with my mom to pick up some bags of mulch and such, since my class was canceled for the day.

And as we are leaving the checkout area, someone says my name.

My advisor/instructor for my lab class.

We talk for a couple of minutes.

Later that evening, she calls me… to let me know of some (temporary?) schedule changes that will be announced tomorrow to give me a heads up to plan around them.

I’m sort of in shock…. part from the sudden illness, but another part is actually from the fact that a college instructor would actually admit knowing students in public, initiate a conversation with them, and take initiative to give them an advance warning.

And I got to thinking.

At this point, I’ve attended three different colleges.

One private, one state, and one catholic. (Ok, so I’ve actually taken a couple classes at a 4th community college, but I’m not counting that one here… lol)

I’ve officially had three different majors.

I’ve had three different minors that were all three close to completion before they were dropped for various reasons.

And in all of this…

This is actually the first time that I’ve had an advisor…. the person who is supposed to be in charge of guiding my educational choices…. who has actually known my name.

And the sad thing is… two of my advisors in the past I’d had teaching multiple classes I was in over several semesters. And.. one of them I actually did an independent study project that they were officially the coordinator managing it.

Did they know me by face enough to know that I belonged to the departments and was supposed to be in areas where I was? Yes.

But they didn’t know my name, nor would they wouldn’t have taken the time and effort to give me a heads up on changes that would mess with things in my classes. One could never even remember that I was one of their advisees.


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