So we started with a new physics professor today.

She seems nice enough.

She seems to really know her stuff, even when this is a really specialized area of physics… and is probably the most qualified person they could have dreamed of finding, even if they’d had more notice.

And all in one swoop… the class went from being a class that was turning out to not be so bad after all, straight to being the class that I’ve feared classes like physics to be.

I’d actually already read this chapter…. and I walked out of the lecture feeling like I understood nothing, when I’d walked in thinking I had a pretty decent grasp of it.

I stopped writing notes after I looked over the page at one point and realized that not a thing that I’d written made any sense at all to me… and if it didn’t now, it sure wasn’t going to magically become clearer later.

Looking around the classroom towards the end of the class (which officially runs up to 4 hours at once due to the professor’s availability being limited to one day a week), almost nobody was still writing by the end.

It had reached that point to where I was so baffled, I didn’t even have enough of a clue where I was to be able to figure out how to ask anything to help figure out what I wasn’t getting.

This is definitely going to be turning into one of those teach myself using just the book classes.

I really wish that they didn’t count off severely for missing classes in this program. If attendance wasn’t taken, I would only being showing up for the tests.

This could be a long semester.


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