Yesterday, there was an airshow at the local air force base.

On normal days, the base is under tight guard. You’d better have a really good reason to need to be there, and have jumped through a ton of hoops.

But yesterday… we went to a large parking lot at one of the nearby factories… quick run through a metal detector… and climbed on a school bus that had one of the airmen on board.

And that was it.

Under his authority, we were in. The bus went right past the extensive border-like security… all of the scary looking fences… taking us right to their airstrip in spite of big warnings painted on the concrete that said we shouldn’t be there.

Ordinarily, none of us would have any shot of being allowed in. Some of the members of our group for various reasons wouldn’t have even been let in if they had a good reason to be.

But because they chose to make a way… to invite us to share in their airshow… our major lack of credentials no longer mattered.

It made for an interesting metaphor of heaven.


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