Power and closeness

As I mentioned, we went to an airshow this weekend.

Besides getting to see hangars and insides of planes and such, this is basically a change for pilots to show off the capabilities of their planes and their skills.

The last major event of the day involved the thunderbirds.

At one point, while 4 or 5 of the planes were doing something cool off to one side, one plane slipped around, and buzzed past the crowd from the opposite direction… scaring the snot out of everyone and making ears really hurt…. to show off their stealth abilities.

And at other points, multiple times during the day, the announcers explained that the particular plane was basically having to limit itself… to go less than half the speed that it normally would for example…. in order to be able to be close enough that we could see it well.

Because we, with our lack of protective equipment, would be hurt by the sound if they went any faster…. or if they got any closer.

The one thunderbird hurt ears enough to remove any doubt that might have existed as to whether they were telling the truth.

Suddenly, the incident on the mountain between god and moses makes more sense…. when moses asked to see his glory, and god had to hold him against the rock and could only let him see the back of his after he had passed by, because otherwise he would be destroyed.

If mere humans can create something with enough power to harm someone just by passing by… yeah, i’m thinking thunderbird has to be pretty small in comparison to all powerful being.

will be so nice when we no longer need earplugs!


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