Tractor “rides”

There was a poster announcing activities for the family weekend at my college.

I’ve never actually attended this sort of thing before, because my family was too far away to come the first time around… and as an older student I never really fit in at the state college.

But the list of activities sounded like something a 10 year old kid might like, and so we went.

And I was really impressed!

The carnival had mentioned “BBQ dinner“. I expected this to mean hot dogs, maybe hamburgers.

It was actually a catered meal with pulled pork, chicken, and tons and tons of sides.

One of the other carnival items was listed as stuff-a-zoo. I expected kids to be poking a bit of stuffing into beanie baby sized animals at best.

Oh no…. expect for clothing, this was a portable build-a-bear… lots of animal choices, of really high quality, large animals that ended up about a foot tall and had really soft fur.

Boo has already swiped my penguin… to go with her dolphin… and i’m betting she has grandma’s tiger soon.

The last event of the carnival we went to check out was just listed as tractor rides… and was in another part of the campus, so they had a cart shuttling back and forth.

We expected this to be a hay ride. Right?

Uh, not exactly.

<img src= width=300>

That would be my kid. DRIVING a tractor in a field near cars.

Granted, they did have guys walking behind to help with things like getting them started… but still…. kids are actually driving farm equipment. not go karts… large heavy things!

Only in the plains… lol


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