Flustered mistakes

I don’t know why… but every time I have to do something at the hospital in front of my instructor, it makes me so nervous that I keep making really dumb mistakes that I know better.

I thought part of it was just because of the classmates watching too… but then, this time was an unannounced check, and only one classmate was even there.

And I did my worst yet.

I seriously couldn’t even manage to get the film cassette pointed the right direction…. which is probably the most basic task you could imagine. Black side goes towards the patient, side with writing and diagrams and bar codes goes away from them. This is like first day of first semester stuff.

And the instructor in general seems to like me… but still… this completely throws me off every time.

I’ve got to get the mental game under control here, or I’m gonna have some majorly low scores.


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