Frustratingly slow

Things are really starting to get to me with the in-hospital experience part of classes.

Mainly, because its starting to see really pointless.

Observation time was interesting… but now we’re supposed to actually be doing things. Assisting the techs, doing the exams that we’ve learned in the classes so far so the we can see the results and have tech correction.

But we really haven’t.

Things have been really slow, and with having second year students on one of our days too… who seem to take priority, I feel like we’re right back in observation.

It’s frustrating… partially because it I know that it isn’t the case at the other hospitals… but also just because its really hard to never actually see what the outcome is, to be able to correct anything the next time… when some days you do basically nothing but busy-work and observing in two exams that don’t actually have much tech involvement.

I’m sort of annoyed that some of the other students got to learn about hand and arm images in class, and then do some before they had to check off on them…. and were actually able to see how they came out… instead of just practicing on positioning other students, who dont actually know if you have it right or not for sure either, and never actually getting to find out what it would have looked like or where you were wrong before the checkoff (test).

I know a lot of it isn’t really the fault of anyone… its just slow right now… and the changes in clinical times kind of threw everyone off.

But its still really frustrating.

At times I find myself wondering why again that I’m paying this insane amount of money to basically volunteer to restock towels yet again and clean image receptors off with alcohol wipes.


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