String backpacks

There has been a pile of bright pink string backpacks in the breakroom at work since early Oct.

Other departments use them, but ours doesn’t. these were basically a breast cancer awareness thing for the staff members… who basically ignored them and they got moved to a coat hook.

A week ago, I was joking to a group of classmates that I would resolve a situation with a hypothetical angry person by giving the person one of them… saying “they probably cost about 50 cents, but would make them feel like they got something out of it”.

Today, our dept was super slow… so I was happy to spend the last two hours helping out another department that was slammed… basically just leading people out of the maze of hallways and moving paperwork around so they could do their main job faster.

The main person for the dept thanked me repeatedly… and then just before the end, she went into a storage room for a minute, came back out and thanked me again… while giving me a pink string backpack for helping them.

Somehow I kept from laughing… but I’m sure I probably had a grin as I told her thank you.


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