Up until this point in time, the lowest score that I have gotten on a written test in this program has been an 89.

In physics right now, I have an A, even though I don’t feel particularly confident that I know what I’m doing. Also an A in college algebra.

In the main classroom class for the program, I have a B.

On the last test, I had a 93%, which ended up being curved to having 100%, meaning it either was the highest in the class or was tied for that highest.

I had another test on thursday.

And following with the way this week has gone… between the checkoff equipment issue on monday and the mess with the portfolio on wednesday…

I managed to pull a 79% on the test.

80% is the cutoff for passing or not.

A full 10% lowest than my lowest test score previously.

I spent quite a bit of time studying for this one… because it had been covered in shorter time than usual. I felt like I knew what I was doing going into it.

Guess not.

To be fair, I know several others also had a rough time, some worse that I did.

But still.

This isn’t helping at all on the feeling like my survival in this program is in no way related to my efforts and best attempts.

Two more classes and one day of work left till break. I think the biggest thing that I’m thankful for right now is for thanksgiving break itself.

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