Trends of tough

Ok, I think that the three long to longish posts this past week pretty much made clear that I had a super rough week.

And that’s even without making posts about things going missing from my car, or car running out of gas on the day I could least afford the time to mess with it, or the cell phone issues, or a stupid mistake during clinicals… or any of several issues with different people last week.

Pretty easily the worst week that I’ve had in a while.

But a sort of interesting thing… is that I hadn’t really noticed exactly how many people at the new church were also having really awful weeks. I’d seen the facebook messages… but never really stopped and noticed the trend.

It wasn’t until the later part of the service today… when the pastor mentioned how many people were getting totally slammed since taking the step to join with the new church and move towards health… and how much he was feeling like a target when things had been so smooth before… that I even stopped to think about it.

How much of a trend does it take to prove something?

Is the fact that my facebook list for church people looks like a war zone enough to write the whole awful last week off as an attack, and mark it up as a positive sign towards the decision to stick with the group?

I suppose I probably should have done a followup post last weekend, but we did attend the new church… and I’m strongly feeling like it’s the right move.
(Though its sort of odd to be getting used to totally new places and yet have the same sunday school teachers for kiddo… and to realize exactly how much regrouping is needed to completely start over with basically nothing and needing even the most basic supply items… and how I’d forgotten exactly how little I know a lot of the people who attended first service instead of second and so are totally new to me.)

I found out more about what exactly is going on with the old church, and apparently they are basically attempting a sort of merger thing as far as the congregation goes…. so that the building is owned by the big church, but they let the people stay in it and just add more of their own people as an additional campus to add to the ones that they already had. Not sure exactly how that works when the big church isn’t even a vineyard church and they have some pretty different leanings in some areas… seems like it would make for a pretty good sized division on a lot of things.

I clicked over to the big church’s facebook page, and listened to one of the sermons online where they announced the plans, and it really made me more sure of the decision. Everything had this tone of “oh the poor people we are helping out because they would never make it on their own if we didnt”.

And, actually, this sermon reminded me really quickly of exactly why I’d decided not to go to this church after a few months during the summer after high school… back when it still only had one locatio and didn’t have the school and all of its other big expansions. It’s along the lines of the prosperity gospel movement…. and the pastor has a serious trending towards sounding like one of the scummy televangelists, making these huge leaps towards dramatic conclusions. He seriously went from a mention of the law requiring birth control to be covered by insurance… to saying that this was the government was forcing christians to pay for other people’s abortions… to having the congregation chant with him that “we will not kill our babies”.. all within about two minutes if that. Not exactly an in depth discussion of the topic, or doing anything but stomping on emotional buttons really.

So anyway… i’ve decided to stick with the new church… and am pretty confident about that decision… but sort of wondering if there’s anything to this trend of people having a really tough time right about now.

And I really hope it ends quickly… my grades can’t handle much more of this. Not even sure yet how horrible they got hit so far.

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