The grade

So I vented a bit back about my fears over one particular grade…

Wondering if I was even going to pass the class, or get dropped from the program.

Yeah… so the final was today.

Normally, people tend to do worse on the final than they do on the surprise exams because there’s a short time limit.

Given that I barely passed the first surprise exam, that wasn’t a good sign.

Well, I’m apparently not the regular type. I got a high B on the final. 🙂

And… she wasn’t nearly as rough on the evaluations and portfolio as I was fearing. The portfolio went much much better than last semester.

And so… I ended the class… 1 tenth of 1 percent under an A.

She decided to give it to me anyway, and bumped one of my scores to make up for it!

And so in the spell of a couple of weeks, I go from coming to grips with the fact that this may be the end of this path… to an awesome grade.

Gotta love a good rollercoaster!


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