Is it seriously december?

Christmas seems like months ahead still.

I sort of feel like everything is a blur lately.

It’s usually just a focus on the next thing ahead… don’t ask me anything about the physics test on friday until after I’ve gotten past the positioning test on thursday, and don’t ask me anything about that one until after the math test on tuesday…

And the next thing I know I look up and there’s a break in the pace finally coming into view.

Still technically have three more finals, and 4 days of work this week between them… but really… all three classes my grades are stable enough that there’s no risk of failing unless I like completely miss every question, and my grade is unlikely to go very far up or down no matter the outcome.. so that takes a lot of the weight off.

But it’s just sort of weird that it’s even here. This still feels like the mid-November or so.


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