Listed men

I’ve come to a sort of interesting realization that I don’t pray for very many men.

Not talking in a hands on praying for them directly thing… where a lot of times its encouraged that men pray for men and women pray for women, and thus it would have more reason.

And actually, not even talking about the specific need prayers either… those that are short term and directed towards a particular need or issue.

But on my long term, mainstay list of people that I pray for on a regular basis… generally multiple times per week…. there just aren’t many men.

There are 6 in particular… that I sometimes when being general will refer to collectively as “the boys”.
(why I’ve never noticed their low number being male before when I group them this way, i have no idea.)

The boys consist of:
*one former friend
*one ex-bf
*one guy that I’ve just felt particularly lead to pray over for a while (used to be two of these, but one sort of faded)
*and the father and two teenage sons from a family that the entire family is on the list both as a whole and individually

Technically, one other guy is on the list, but he is a musician, and honestly, it tends to be focused more on his ministry and those impacted than on particular areas of his personal life and well being like with the boys. (though, probably should include those aspects more..)

And within the past half year, the new pastor has been a frequent addition.

This was originally something that I noticed just as a tangent sparked by a book I was reading, that wasn’t even really on this topic.

But I’ve still not come up with exactly why. And beyond that, if it’s something I should be concerned about being a deeper issue thing of the choice being influenced by past issues with guy in general, or if its just a result of different leading happening to lead that direction.

It’s not like I don’t have more male friends and connections… and actually, there are female friends who are on the list who I’m less connected with than male friends that aren’t on the list.

But then, this afternoon during a discussion meeting at the new church, I also realized that its kind of odd that even though the new pastor got added into rotation pretty much immediately, the old pastor never was.

It’s not like I never prayed for him at all… especially when things were starting to show as issues… but he just never made the frequent appearance.

I realize that he probably should have… but I don’t really know why he didn’t. I can give you a whole list of reasons why the new pastor gets covered, but really, most of them could have applied to the old one just as easily… especially back when my opinion of him was still mostly positive.

Granted, there’s a whole huge number of people and causes that fall into the “should pray more about” category… and I tend to flow more by feeling than by sitting down and making a prioritized list…

It’s just sort of odd sometimes to step back and notice trends in that flow that you hadn’t particularly noticed forming, and don’t really know why they exist.

Though now that it’s noticed, still not sure if I should aim towards more balance or just go with it where it does…


One thought on “Listed men

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