Schedule density

And it’s over… finals are done!

Also, work is almost done for the year, with the exception of one day after christmas.

And so now, my schedule goes from being packed… to being pretty much blank. I can actually see drs appointments and such now instead of having them lost in everything else!

It has been crazy this semester… with the class schedule massively changing a month into classes, clinicals being split into two separate times, and work being constantly changing hours.. and a spell of really frequent but really short shifts at work due to a touring musical….

Plus just the general life and kid school stuff.

And in all of that, I haven’t missed or been late to a single time of work or clinical, and only missed a single class (because it had been moved to a time that had a conflict)

But then… yesterday night… after all my finals were done in the early afternoon… I spaced out.

I completely forgot I was supposed to work a christmas program for work last night.

One that I actually like working. And one that I know was really busy last weekend, and was supposed to be low staff this weekend.


Give me tons of stuff to juggle, and I juggle.

Given me a totally open schedule… and the few things that are on it get dropped.

Weird how that works out.


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