Christmas Stories by Max Lucado

Christmas Stories by Max Lucado is the most recent ebook that I’ve received from Thomas Nelson for reviewing.

It’s a fairly short book of short stories by Max, and as you could probably guess by that title, they relate to Christmas. Most (or maybe even all) of them are listed as being taken from other books by Max, and are basically being grouped together in this themed book instead of being spread across many books.

The book actually has two main sections. The first one is pretty much exactly what I expected from a fiction book by Max. They are stories of different people in different places and eras, all set around Christmas. They are sweet, maybe even a bit sappy at times if you don’t think too much about it to notice exactly how many involve dead parents, runaway or pregnant rebellious teens, or both.

The second part of the book changes from being stories about people to being more biblical focused. Some of them are a lot more like I would expect from one of Max’s non-fiction books… going into the origins of things, or offering a different view of Joseph or from the perspective of the angels. He does go a bit more into fiction in some parts of this section too though, such as an imagined battle between angels and demons trying to prevent baby Jesus from being born.

It’s a nice Christmas themed read… nothing too heavy… and pretty much just what you’d expect it to be if you are familiar with Max’s writing both in fiction and non-fiction.

Thomas Nelson page for the book
Amazon page for the book

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