Bear outcome

So I gave Boo the bear with her Christmas presents.

It didn’t get the warm happy reception, but nor did it get ignored. She just said its ears were so big that if you just saw the head you would think it was a mouse.

And I already realized that the ears were bigger than her other bear. But that was really the only thing she pointed out as she moved on to other packages.

No big fanfare for the bear, but no upset over the lost bear, so I considered it to have gone ok.

But, I noticed Christmas night that the bear had made it into bed with her, and was tucked under her arm. A big position with her stuffed animals.

The next night, the bear made the trip down to grandma’s with her to spend the night.

But then tonight… we were getting ready to go across town to make one of two exchanges from her gifts from other people. And the bear got loaded into the car with us to go along.

Even though she’s 10… almost 11 now.

I think it’s safe to say the bear has officially been accepted. 🙂


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