Plan decision

I made the decision to go with the pre-made basic OT and NT plans.

Honestly, because looking at this year, I know this will probably be the roughest year of the next few time-wise.

In 2014, after may, i will have graduated, and just be juggling work (hopefully) and home stuff.

But for this semester, I have the heaviest class load that I’ll have, with two difficult science heavy classes in the mix.

And next semester for the second half of 2013, I’ll basically be working at the clinical location full days for 4 days a week, and have classes on the 5th day…. pretty much the equivalent of a full time job in class time alone, let alone study time and actual work to pay the bills time.

And so, I don’t think this is going to be the best year to get into anything too complicated.

2014… well, we’ll see. lol


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